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The first thing that we here at Secluded Wellness Centre would like to address is that Cannabis is a medicine however, it also can be dangerous to certain individuals based on medicines they currently are taking, their body's composition, their mental health and so many other factors. This is why we hope you will join us before self medicating to make sure you are receiving the right information, the right strains, the right dosing and are having the best opportunities for healing that are possible. We are here to help enrich your life in a safe and responsible manner.

There are so many ailments that Cannabis can help, but education and awareness are key.

OPTIONS: One-on-One Coaching Sessions. Receive private lessons on what you need to know about safety and theraputic rangees

                   Classroom Workshops. Keep costs down by attending a workshop

don't let stress pile up

Lets talk Stress!! It's NOT HEALTHY
Stress is a normal response to situational pressures or demands, especially if they are perceived as threatening or dangerous. Stress is the result of brain chemicals, called hormones, surging through the body. These hormones make people sweat, breathe quicker, tense their muscles and prepare to take action.

Whether it's a massage to relax and loosen the tight muscles or its a Canna-Coaching session to discuss alternative options for de-stressing I am here to help!!

cannabis and skin

Lets talk Skin disorders and skin discomforts!! Skin disorders and skin discomforts affect many people in the world, from extreme cases of psorisis to simple sunburns. We can help you to find natural hoilstic ways to combat these conditions, through our Canna-Therapy we can help to educate you on how to make your own topicals safely, how to treat certain skin conditions,

Decarboxyaltion Prep Video 1

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