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Naomi Nicholson


Naomi Nicholson, CHHP, IST, R.ST.

Naomi has been a personal trainer since 2001, Iridologist (2003), Acutherapist (2009), Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (2013), Integrated Shiatsu Therapist (2013), Registered Shiatsu Therapist (2013) and has studied herbs since 2005.


She specialized in chronic health conditions such as Fibromyaliga, High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol, Macular Degeneration, Chronic Injuries and Body Pain, Post Car Accident Injuries, Menopause and more


  • Acutherapy (using an Acutrigger, a piezo-electric current is used on muscles and/or acupressure points for tension release and energy flow)


  • Auricular Therapy (working reflexology points in the ear)


  • Bach Flower (Bach flower remedies for various symptoms)


  • Body work (combining modalities such as Acutherapy, Acupressure, Reiki, Shiatsu, Stretching)

  • Energy Medicine ( Charka Balancing, Reiki)


  • Hot Stone Warm-up (Hot Stones are placed on body to heat up muscles)


  • Nature's Sunshine Products ( Over 200 supplement to choose from for any health condition)


  • Personal Trainer, Chronic Health Specialist, Muscular & Postural Imbalances


  • Zyto Compass Assessment (4 min bio-feedback that identifies the supplements your body prefers)

Mya, Nelly & Ed Nicholson

Mya, (left) our yellow lab/retriever has been on homemade food ever since she was a puppy. She sheds less and doesn't have a strong dog smell.


She has had issues with her ears so we have used Collidial Silver and her ears cleared up.


She loves her belly rubs :)


Nelly, (right) our 80lb Bull Mastiff/Rotty cross has been a client for the past 2 years. She suffers with bladder issues that weren't successfully treated. She has also switched over to home made dog food and has seen a great improvement with room clearing gas.


She loves her doggy acupressure massage.


Ed, (far right) is Naomi's husband and ginney pig for when she learns new massage technics or holistic modalities.


Green Portfolio

Distinguished Alumuni, Young Professionals of Alberni Valley May 2, 2019
Voted Best Massage Provider, Alberni Valley News 2018 & 2019
Women’s Leadership, Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce April 20, 2018

Cannabis Speaking Engagements
Emcee, Community Awards, Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce April 26, 2019
Emcee, PortFest, Port Alberni April 20, 2019
Emcee & Guest Speaker, Young Professionals Alberni Valley Alberni Connect on Cannabis April 18, 2019
Guest Speaker, National Indigenous Cannabis & Hemp Conference, Ottawa Ontario Feb 18, 2019

Cannabis Informational Appearances
Info Table, Medical Cannabis Conference, Nanaimo March 23, 2019
Info Table, Spirit Fair, Coombs April 6-7, 2019
Info Table, PortFest, Port Alberni April 20, 2019

Cannabis Education Workshops Hosted, Personal Coaching
101 on 420 Workshop Feb 2 & 26, 2019
Personal Coaching from March 2019
Reflexology research sessions Feb 8 & 27, Mar 4, 2019

Cannabis Knowledge & Certifications
Cannabis Fundamentals, Online via California, Green Flower May 5, 2019
Cannabis Sommelier, Victoria Sept 8 & 9, 2019
Cannabis Massage 101 & Topical Making, Colorado, USA Aug 18-19, 2019

Conferences Attended
National Indigenous Cannabis & Hemp Conference, Ottawa Feb 18-19, 2019
O’Cannabiz, Vancouver Dec 9-11, 2018
National Indigenous Cannabis & Hemp Conference, Calgary Nov 19-21, 2018
Cannabis Tradeshow, Vancouver July 21 & 22, 2018


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